VB Safety City

Our vision for “VB Safety City” is to create a safe and interactive facility that provides hands-on learning opportunities in safety and injury prevention education for citizens of all ages. The goal of “VB Safety City” is to build a safer community through immersive learning experiences, starting at an early age for our youngest citizens. Funding for “VB Safety City” is possible through community partnerships, donations, and business sponsorships.


Reduced-scale realistic town with buildings and streets.

Training for preventable injuries and death: Pedestrian, Traffic, Water, Bicycle (Protective gear), Poison, Babysitter Training, CPR/AED

911 role-play and simulation, Emergency preparedness training

Dedicated Car Seat Installation Center and Training (reduce the risk of childhood injury and death in motor vehicles crashes)

Instructional Classrooms and interactive exhibits/technology (ADA compliant public safety vehicles)

Camps, Field Trips, Special Events

Simulated Fire Safety Training

Community Sponsored Events in a Safe Environment

Are you interested in being a founding partner of VB Safety City?

Please contact vbfirefoundation@gmail.com to discuss corporate sponsorships and partnership opportunities.